Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Finished Panther

     I finally finished painting the Panther that I did a modification tutorial on.  It works really well - getting great ranges with 4 - 5 pumps.  As you can see in the tutorial, I PVC couplered it and replaced the pump with a dual action bike pump.  What I didn't show in the tutorial was the sweet paint job that I gave it.

     I themed the paint job after a black panther because the blaster is called a panther, just as a joke.  I think that it turned out remarkably well, especially the eyes.  The reason I added the white and gold, aside from aesthetics, was to keep it from looking like a real weapon.

     Because I replaced the pump, and didn't want a hole where the stock pump used to be, I machined these polycarbonate plates for the front of the shell.

     I just used my scroll saw to roughly cut out a rough outline of the front of the shell, and then sanded it down to fit perfectly.  I then cut it in half down the centre to allow the shell to open.

     I am really impressed with this blaster, for it shoots extremely well and looks really cool.

The Youtube Video

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