Saturday, 30 March 2013

Panther Arm Cannon V2

     Hey!  I realize that I haven't been updating this account that often, but I'm going to try to post content more regularly now.  What I've got to show you today is my new Panther Arm Cannon.

This version of the arm mounted blaster only uses one Panther tank, but has a rear loading tripleshot turret to compensate.  It can actually fire quite quickly, only needing five pumps to fire.  The V2 hits about 90 feet according to my measurements, which isn't bad considering that the turret seal could be better.
This is how my hand fits in.  It looks cramped, but is actually very comfortable.  

The trigger is solidly attached right beneath my index finger, so firing is just as comfortable as holding the blaster.  I have had no issues with accidentally pressing the backpressure valve in this location.

 The tank is held in by the odd piece that connects the pump to the tank in the stock shell.  None of the tubing interferes with my hand.

Just the rear loading slots.  The flash makes it look like a white mass, but it's actually 1/2" PVC epoxied in.  This really helps load the turret.

Check out this youtube video for a better look at this blaster and its functionality.

     Overall, this arm cannon is a worthy addition to my inventory, and I am very glad that I made it.  thank you all for reading, and supporting my youtube channel.  Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time.